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Godkänd för F-skatt
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    The structure of neurons

    A 3-dimensional animation of the signaltransduction in a neuron. It shows both the structure of a neuron and the path of the signal. Made with Cinema4D and Flash. At every stop-point one can click on certain areas and get additional informations.

    Cinema4D | Flash
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    Who wants to be a millionaire?

    I designed and programmed this little game for schools. The questions are read in from a external file which can easily be changed. (Notice: Big file size; includes music)

    Flash | Illustrator | Photoshop
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    Scientific setup

    This short film shows my animation of a scientific setup. It was created in Cinema4D to fastly visualize the setting for the audience.

    Cinema4D | Flash
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My latest project is the wedding website for my brother.

This is a restricted website for the invited people. It serves as an information and registration site. I added different papercut-graphics to the various pages.

The International Conference on Invertebrate Vision is a conference for biologists held at the pitoresque Bäckaskog castle in the heart of Skåne.

My task was to bring their website into the 21st century. It now has the styling and features of a modern website: The design is divided into the main content and a sidebar with various easily changable widgets. There is an image gallery that is optimized for mobiles, a contact form (with ajax), a google map of the venue, an item showing the next presentation and so forth.

I furthermore constructed the user-friendly registration page that directly links to a credit card payment site. Those registrations and the presentations on the conference can be edited using the build in and secure administration site.

Finally there are special adaptations for mobiles and tablet.

The company Beol GmbH situated in Basel, Switzerland, offers engineering at construction sites.

Their new homepage should first and foremost act as a presentation for their services.

It should furthermore be easy to get in contact with the company and I therefore included a google map and a contact form.

There are also some nice and subtle animation and an image gallery with some impressions.

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Thomas Nørgaard is a scientist working on the navigation and ecology of desert insects and spiders.

The website should represent desert colors without drawing off the attention from the content. Proprietary development of the administration area.

I implemented some animations and a search field for the large publication list.

Unfortunately Thomas website is not online at the moment. You can visit the whole site mirrored here.

Tamam is a swedish non-profit organization helping kids and adolescents with a migration background to get along better in the foreign community.

The design was done by Andreas Ragnarsson. I transformed the colorful artwork into a website with a multitude of functionalities. Apart from writing the html and css code I also introduced a custom-made content management system to update various parts of the website.

Animations are carried out with jQuery and the calendar and blog are updated asynchronously using ajax and json.

Unfortunately the website has been redesigned since I did it in 2010. See my original work mirrored here.

The new website for the Jailhouse Cookies, a Lund/Malmö based Swingband.

A custom made administration site is the basis for this project where the band members can upload new songs, news and pictures. Guestbook entries first have to be accepted by an administrator before they appear on the site. I also implemented a spam reduction method.

Furthermore there is a picture gallery and some other jQuery animations as well as a CSS imagemap.

Afroperkussion is a percussion school located in Basel, Switzerland.

The brand new website was designed to express the rhythm of the music. I first took pictures of a percussion lesson which I then used within the website. The various instruments are used as eye-catchers and icons for the different pages.

I also did some search engine optimization and integrated Google Maps.

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Design idea for www.iciv.se
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First draft for www.beolgmbh.ch
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Second draft for www.beolgmbh.ch
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First design idea for www.jailhousecookies.com
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Second design idea for www.jailhousecookies.com
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Draft for www.afroperkussion.ch
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Original design of www.lts.ch
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My old wordpress blog
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My own wedding site
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Wedding contribution (Ikea Style)
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Biology-poster for schools
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Design Snabela 1.0

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Let your new website lift off!

with snabela.ch

My name is Martin Kohler and I am a web designer and developer living on the southern tip of Sweden. Please, have a look at my recent work or get in contact.

What I offer:

Web marketing

Search engine optimization, Email-marketing and online advertising.

Mobile solutions

Special adaptations for mobile devices.

Javascript enhancement

With Javascript and jQuery, webpages will be more responsive and feel better.

HTML and CSS backbone

I write clean semantic code that is easy to update.

Administrative basis

Most of my websites are based on custom made content management systems.

Look it's your new website!